Activewear + Full-Body Blend Workout

We’ve been staying at home for a while now and, although things have started to open up, many people would much rather practice their fitness routine from the comfort of their home. If this is you, stay here for a great full-body blend suitable for anyone at home. But first, here are some trendy activewear pieces which will put you in the perfect mood for a killer home workout!

1. Nike Swoosh Icon Clash Medium Support Sports Bra
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2. Nike Pro Women’s High Waisted Shorts
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3. Adidas Bra
Adidas - $35.00

Bonus: A full-body workout! If you are looking for some workout inspiration to get you started, here is a full-body workout broken down into different sections which you can either use as separate workouts, or one big one if you’re feeling energised!

- 12 Reverse lunge knee drives (each leg): start by standing straight and reach one leg backwards into a lunge with both knees bent at 90°. Bring the same leg back up to your chest and add a little hop.
- 20 Squat jumps: sit into a low squat and, as you rise, jump up from the floor. Sit back into the squat when you land and repeat.
- 20 Fire hydrants with kicks (each leg): get down on your hands and knees, making sure your hips are square and lift one leg up to the side, ensuring it is still bent at 90°. Add a little kicks so your leg is straightened and then relax it back to the original position.
- 10 Squat calf raise complex: start by standing up straight and sit yourself down into a deep squat. Whilst you’re here, hold the squat and raise your ankles off the floor as much as you can. Release and come up from the squat. Perform another calf raise at the top and you have completed one rep.
- 12 Burpees: ahh, the burpee! Start by standing tall and bending down to your knees in a squatted tuck position. Jump your feet out to high plank and back into the tuck again before jumping up as high as you can. As soon as your feet reach the floor, go back into the squatted tuck and repeat.

- 12 Press-ups: for the classic press-up, get into a high plank shape with your arms straight and shoulders directly above your hands. Slowly bend your arms down so your nose nearly touches the ground and push back up. If this is too hard, you can always do the same with your knees on the floor.
- 20 Triceps dips: find a raised surface, such as your sofa or bed, and place your hands on it, with your body in front and feet on the floor, as if you are pretending to sit down. Put your weight into your arms to bend and straighten them, performing one rep.
- 20 Shoulder gators: bend your arms and place your palms behind your head and elbows out to the side. Slowly bring your elbows together in front of you, keeping your palms in the same places, and back out again.

- 40 Mountain climbers (alternating): start in a high plank position, with your arms straight, and ran your knees up to your elbows and back, alternating legs each time. Try to keep running for the entire time.
- 12 Tuck up V-ups: start by sitting up with your arms slightly bent behind you. Release your legs close to the floor and engage your core. Lift your legs up into a tuck and release back before lifting them up, but straight this time, in front of your face. Release and repeat.
- 40 Twisting toe touches (alternating): lie on your back with your legs straight, pointing towards the ceiling. Take it in turns to use one arms to taps the opposite toe by lifting your upper body slightly and do the same on the other side.
- 20 Sit-ups: lay on your back with your knees bent in towards your bottom and use your core to lift your body to sit up, keeping your legs and feet still and your arms crossed over your chest.
- 20 Russian twists (alternating): sit in a crunch shape, with your shoulders and legs raised off the floor, knees bent and back pressed into the floor. Reach your hands to twist your upper body to one side while keeping the rest of your body still and repeat on the other.

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