Finest Vibes’ Top 3 TV Shows On Netflix

Finest Vibes’ Top 3 TV Shows On Netflix With Female Empowerment Written All Over It

With quarantine still being a big piece of our lives, Netflix seems to be the only thing we can do with our free time, with many of it’s new releases being some all-on female empowerment tv shows.

And no, i’m not talking about those dressed-in-pink female shows such as the Gossip Girl or Vampire Diaries, though those can be a nice rewatch some days.
I’m talking about those simply empowering tv female shows with leads that have been through an insane amount of trauma that were able to get right back up and continue persevering.

Here’s our list of the Top 3 TV Shows With Female empowerment Written All Over It

1. Orange Is The New Black

How could we not include Orange Is The New Black in this one? It has countless stories of female empowerment - if not the most stories out of any show.
This show is based all around Piper’s time in prison and how she’s been able to thrive in a situation that most people wouldn’t have otherwise.
Over time however, the show began to expand its perspective from Piper, but to all the other inmates, and started to give you a deeper look at some of their lives before prison.
This, to me, was the soul of the series.

It wasn’t about prison, it was about the stories of the women in the prison that really made it a show, and it was about the empowering things the women would do in the prison to keep themselves going.

I’d say more, but no spoilers on my watch.

2. Good Girls

Now that we’re out of the prison scene, it’s time to talk about girls who almost should be in prison for the things they do.

This show’s about a few moms in Michigan who are struggling financially and decide to pull off nothing but a good ‘ole heist.

Talk about bad ass!
Later in the show, they encounter this gang leader who tries his best to tell them what to do, but the women in the show always found a way to tell him otherwise.
I found that being close to the very definition of female empowerment. And that’s exactly why it’s number two on this list.

I mean, what is rejecting a whole gang leader (with your life on the line) and taking control of the situation, if not female empowerment.
On to the next of our empowering female tv shows!

3. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

This series follows a woman who has to learn what life is without a bunker.

Yes, you heard that right. Kimmy Schmidt was a victim who was kidnapped and locked inside of a bunker for years on end.
You would think that that would make her a shy, sad, depressed woman, but her character was quite the opposite.
That is the very reason this show is on the list as number 3.

With being in a bunker for years, Kimmy still retains a positive personality, still goes through life as anyone else would, and doesn’t let her past bring her future down.

Hence the name - Unbreakable.

I think all women could use a little inspiration to show them that they’re unbreakable too.

Final Thoughts..
I could go on and on about the increasing amount of shows about female empowerment but these are my top 3 so far.

Female empowerment is becoming more important than ever in this day and age and the fact that the television industry is adding more and more tv shows based around it, is amazing and inspiring.

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